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Butia capitata (odorata) 'Blue' Pindo Palm - COLD HARDY

Butia capitata (odorata) 'Blue' Pindo Palm - COLD HARDY

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The Pindo (or Jelly) Palm was formerly known by the scientific name Butia capitata, however, recent research has shown that the correct name for this palm should be B. odorata. This is a medium sized, single-stemmed, feather-leaved palm that is widely grown in temperate parts of the US due to its unusual cold tolerance (especially for a feather palm). It is hardy to zone 7b/8a (5-10 degrees), however, multiple trees have survived lower temps than that but were in protected micro-climates near buildings and structures.

The palm is slow-growing at first but begins to pick up speed (after years 2-3), eventually reaching 15–20 feet, making it suitable for planting under power lines (Figure 1). Its gray-green recurved leaves are about 4–6 feet long and have leaflets attached to the petioles in a deep V shape. There are spines along the margins and the leaf bases are strongly persistent and give the trunk a distinctive knobby appearance. The flower stalks produce small, edible yellow to orange fruits. A gorgeous, stunning, tropical look that will impress any cold hardy palm enthusiast! These trees were grown from seed collected from our cold hardy ecotypes.


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