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Candle Cholla Cactus (Cylindropuntia kleiniae) - COLD HARDY

Candle Cholla Cactus (Cylindropuntia kleiniae) - COLD HARDY

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Candle Cholla Cactus

Cylindropuntia kleiniae

Live Cuttings (4"-6" stems) and Small Plants (3" pots) - Cold Hardy -20F!

Often confused with Pencil Cholla (another species entirely) This attractive cholla boasts 1/2-inch wide diameter stems (smaller than Cane Cholla but larger that Pencil Cholla), that independently branches into a 4–8-foot tall shrub and creates a thorny thicket. The stem segments reach 8-10 inches long and are lined with tubercles. Flowers bloom in spring and are 1–inch wide with greenish-bronze, reddish, to lavender petal-like tepals, cream stigma lobes, green to bronze filaments, yellow anthers; fruit egg-shaped, green maturing reddish, with tubercles and spineless, but with tufts of hair-like bristles. Perfect for desert landscapes, prefers dry rocky soil with quick drainage. Monthly deep watering from spring through fall will enhance its spring flowering cycle and help maintain good character.


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