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Chilopsis linearis 'Desert Willow' Tree - HARDY - Seeds!

Chilopsis linearis 'Desert Willow' Tree - HARDY - Seeds!

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Chilopsis linearis

'Desert-willow' Tree Seeds

The Desert Willow (Chilopsis linearis) is a slender-branched, small tree, often with a leaning, twisting trunk and open, spreading crown. Leaves are deciduous, willow or olive-like, light green. The flower is funnel-shaped, often dark pink or purple, with white, yellow and/or purple streaks within the throat. This tree produces catalpa-like flowers and although named for its resemblance to willows, this popular ornamental tree is actually related to Catalpa Trees, Yellowbells, and Trumpet vine

Its exotic-looking blooms, rapid growth, drought tolerance, and ease of maintenance have made it a sought-after plant! Adapted to desert washes, it does best with just enough water to keep it blooming and healthily green through the warm months. Makes a great statement in any yard! Cold hardy in zones 5-9. These seeds are fresh!


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