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Vitex Agnus-castus 'Chaste' Tree - HARDY - Seeds!

Vitex Agnus-castus 'Chaste' Tree - HARDY - Seeds!

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Vitex Agnus-castus

'Chaste' Tree Seeds

The Chaste Tree, also known as Lilac Chastetree, Monks Pepper Tree or Chaste Tree, is a native of the Mediterranean region and is best grown in loose, well-drained soil and full sun. In USDA Zones 5 and 6, this shrub often suffers winter die back or dies to the ground in severe winters. However, even though plants may die to the ground in these zones, the roots often survive and push up 5' of new growth in the following year. This species of chaste tree is typically grown in warm winter climates as a vase-shaped, deciduous shrub (to 10-15' tall) or trained as a single trunk tree to 20' tall. The plant is known for its aromatic, compound, palmate, grayish-green leaves and tiny, fragrant, lavender to pale violet flowers that appear in mid to late summer and are quite attractive to butterflies. Vitex has been used for thousands of years for its beneficial effect on the female hormonal system. Modern research has confirmed this use, with the seeds being used to restore balanced functioning to the female reproductive system. In traditional medicine, the leaves, flowers, and/or berries are consumed as a decoction, traditional tincture, cider vinegar tincture, syrup, elixir, or simply eaten from the plant with presumed benefits as food, and it is believed that the berries are a tonic herb for both the male and female reproductive systems.

The flower is funnel-shaped, often dark pink or purple, with white, yellow and/or purple streaks within the throat. This tree produces catalpa-like flowers and although named for its resemblance to willows, this popular ornamental tree is actually related to Catalpa Trees, Yellowbells, and Trumpet vine

Its exotic-looking blooms, rapid growth, drought tolerance, and ease of maintenance have made it a sought-after plant! Adapted to desert washes, it does best with just enough water to keep it blooming and healthily green through the warm months. Makes a great statement in any yard! Cold hardy in zones 5-9. These seeds are fresh!


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