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Sabal blackburniana ‘Blackburns Sabal’ Palm Tree - COLD HARDY

Sabal blackburniana ‘Blackburns Sabal’ Palm Tree - COLD HARDY

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Sabal blackburniana
Blackburn's Hardy Palmetto Palm

Extremely rare and mysterious! These hard to find palm trees are from seed originally sourced from a North Carolina property that has seen temps as low as 7 degress F! We believe this is an extremely hardy cross of Sabal domingensis with another hardy Sabal palm (perhaps brazoriensis, minor, etc.). This palm is arborescent (trunk-forming) and grows faster and larger than Sabal minor, but not as large as regular Sabal palmetto. This Sabal blackburniana palm is a beautiful hardy hybrid palm tree that can reach heights of 10 to 16+ feet, depending on climate conditions. It seems to be be a fast grower, and has performed incredibly well in USDA zones 7+, with parent trees that have seen temperatures well below 10F. These plants would make excellent additions to your hardy exotic plant collection, or just make a unique statement in your yard, and a MUST HAVE for any cold hardy palm enthusiast!

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