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Yucca brevifolia 'Oregon' (Joshua Tree) HARDY Seeds

Yucca brevifolia 'Oregon' (Joshua Tree) HARDY Seeds

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Yucca brevifolia 'Oregon'

Joshua Tree - SEEDS

A rare variety of the ever popular Joshua Tree, large, handsome and striking. This 'other worldly' yucca grows multiple trunks (after flowering) and has compact, dense crowns of foliage, 8-14 ft. tall; stiff blue-green leaves are 8"-15" long, have stiff tips and together create a large yet pointed circular canopy; old leaves persist on trunks for many years unless removed. Striking clusters of creamy-white flowers occur on long stalks well above the foliage in early spring.

These seeds were sourced from parent trees growing on private property in the high desert of eastern Oregon, U.S.A. This variation is a moderate grower and produces a striking blueish/silver color that seems to glow in the sun and moonlight! Parent trees have been growing in the cold high desert where they routinely see temps as low as -15F! Seeds are fresh and ready to be planted!


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