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Whipple's Cholla Cactus (Cylindropuntia whipplei) COLD HARDY

Whipple's Cholla Cactus (Cylindropuntia whipplei) COLD HARDY

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Whipple's Cholla Cactus

Cylindropuntia whipplei

Live Cutting (4"-6" stem) - Cold Hardy -20F!

Cylindropuntia whipplei is a Southwest native cholla cactus growing in the high desert region of central Oregon. Showcasing sparse but even spines, it is an upright shrub, 4 feet or more high, with many 3 to 6 inch stems branching from a woody central trunk, though the plant also has a low growth variant, found in less favorable environments, where the stems are shorter, stay close to the ground and may have fewer spines. Stems are bright green or sometimes purplish green, bearing distinct tubercles and clusters of 3 to 8 white or yellowish spines, each between 1 and 2 inches long. The spines do not completely cover the stems.

This cholla is very frost tolerant, found at higher elevations (6,000-8,000 feet) and further north than many other species. In full sun it can grow in a "candelabra" fashion that resembles Silver Cholla. These plants have been growing in our cold high desert climate for many years on private property near Bend, Oregon and have seen temperatures well below -10F!! Very hardy and easy to grow, moderate to fast growers, you will have a full plant in just a season or two!

Whipple's Cholla Cactus is well adapted to hot climate locations where it thrives in sun and with normal winter snow and rainfall, and low amounts of summer water. When it matures, it is a colorful flowering accent shrub for courtyard and southwestern plantings due to its large bright flowers. Monthly deep watering from spring through fall will enhance its spring flowering cycle and help maintain good character.


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