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Yucca treculeana 'True Spanish Dagger' COLD HARDY Seeds

Yucca treculeana 'True Spanish Dagger' COLD HARDY Seeds

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Yucca treculeana

True Spanish Dagger Yucca Seeds

Hard to find Yucca treculeana (True Spanish Dagger Yucca) seeds ready to be planted into a pot or straight in the ground! These are very healthy and fresh seeds. One of the taller and greener yuccas we grow, this species is truly impressive when full grown often attracting hummingbirds! Vivid olive to emerald green spears are long and thick making this yucca a striking specimen. This form of Yucca holds extreme cold hardiness and is truly impressive eventually reaching heights of 10-15+ feet, often remaining single trunked without multiple heads depending on climate conditions. It is a quick grower, especially for yuccas, and has performed incredibly well in our cold high desert climate in central Oregon! These particular yuccas are hardy to at least USDA zone 5b, and parent plants have seen temperatures well below -0F. These seeds were collected on our personal property in Oregon which is listed as a zone 6b, so they should hold good cold hardiness. These plants would make excellent additions to your hardy exotic plant collection, or just make a unique statement in your yard.

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